It had to happen didn’t it?

U.S. Air has now taken the expression ‘there’s no free lunch’ to the absolute extreme. There has not been free food for any meal for economy passengers on an airline for a long time.

Then came the airline rush to charge for the second bag, the first bag, the increase in price for the second bag and the first bag before many were even aware the charges were in place as they went to book their first flights since the fee eruption took place.

We couldn’t very well know what the new fees were because airlines were falling over each other doing internal research to see what portions of the old fare they could piece off into a separate charge to make the base fare look less intimidating.

As the old Chinese proverb goes it appears the airlines prefer the ‘death of a thousand cuts’ approach.

But now, even as medical experts warn us that airline travel can have a dehydrating effect, U.S. Air will start charging for water onboard their aircraft. And if you are expecting that little bag of pretzels, forget it.