Tomorrow I leave for a 10 day cruise of the Mediterranean out of Rome followed by a few days in Italy after we disembark.

While I have been fortunate to have visited Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, and Naples in the past, I am excited about adding Mallorca, Palermo, and Tunisia to my travel experiences.

What is really satisfying is that my return to Italy is after many, many years during a time when I and my hitchhiking travel buddy would walk for an hour to find the cheapest restaurant, or more appropriately cafeteria.

What is not so comforting is to read about how the big cities in Italy have become havens for thieves and scam artists who prey almost exclusively on tourists.

I have purchased more security apparatuses than I ever have to travel, even though I recognize London, where I have travelled often, can be bad also. So far I have never been scammed or pick pocketed yet have taken on a precautionary style which is a massive jump from my more freewheeling spirit.

Perhaps I should turn the internet off completely because reading some of the reports would be enough to cause anyone to encase themselves inside a protective shield.

Perhaps it is because I am no longer in my 20’s or 30’s when I believed I was invincible. I still find it frustrating to think the greatest industry and pastime in the world can by clouded by those who seem to get away with taking advantage of the trusting and foreign traveller.