I found it an interesting footnote to the comments I made about car rental upgrades a few days ago ,when a friend who travels on business regularly was shocked at the increase in costs for renting a compact car.

She regularly books small cars and found the jump in price to be shocking. When she inquired as to why, she was informed that the increase was essentially because of supply and demand. Demand for the compacts that are so much more fuel efficient has risen dramatically as the desire for full size gas eaters has fallen like a rock off a cliff.

While more compacts are on back order some car rental companies are charging for the small ones today what they charged for the big ones before, and the bargain prices are now on the models that were once at a premium. Lots of supply in this category now apparently.

Notwithstanding the fact that the consumer can’t seem to win, it is reflective of a changing economy brought about by the commodity that made the Clampits rich in the old sitcom, Beverly Hillbillies. And its not Texas Tea but the strongest doses of Arab coffee you can find.