At first it seemed like a sad but funny story. A man disrobes completely and starts running up and down the aisles of a plane in the United States.

Obviously disturbed, the flight attendants convince him to put his clothes back on. Then the real trouble starts as he tries to open the emergency door, giving new meaning to wanting a breath of fresh air.

Members of the Boston professional soccer team take him down, tie him up, and the plane is diverted to the nearest airport to turn the crazy guy over to police.

Now the greater debate emerges. Had he succeeded in opening the door would that have endangered anyone else in the aircraft, particularly those who were not buckled in? Could the aircraft have landed safely?

And is this an education for terrorists who might find a way of getting seats in all the emergencey exit rows.

This week the plane that had an engine explosion that caused part of the cabin to buckle did land safely…And the pilots are supposedly locked in to their section of the aircraft.

But the question arises still. What are the dangers and should we be worried. More importantly is there a message to the secutity people at both the airlines and the government levels.

I for one will be casting a questioning eye at the people seated in these aisles for the next few trips I take by air.