No I have not gone completely over the top on a beautiful July morning.

But it is early in the morning and I am writing this entry as I sit at my cottage overlooking the reflections on the lake from the rising morning sun. And it is reminding me of how much I enjoy getting up early when I am on vacation escaping the frigid temperatures we must endure each January and February and March.

No work to think of. No particular plans. An unhurried breakfast. A walk around the pool as people start piecing off their small territory of beach chairs and towels.

I love our summers and don’t even like to miss a weekend ‘at the lake’.

But August will bring shorter days, along with longer and cooler nights. Even this morning I am contemplating where I want to go this winter. Back to Mexico. Perhaps to Cabo or Huatulco, both destinations I have yet to visit. Punta Cana was lovely. And even though it means an overnight in Toronto, after seeing Curacao on my last cruise, I promised myself I would return to explore it more fully.

My brother-in-law went with his son to Costa Rica and spent a week on the beach and a week in the rain forest. He said it was the best place he ever visited in winter. Maybe that’s the idea for this year.

But for now the loons on the water and the hummingbird that’s hovering over my flowers in the hanging pot remind me that I am in paradise. I will start planning my winter vacation over the next couple of weeks but I think I’ll go back to bed for an hour or so and let visions of winter travel send me into a blissful sleep.