Over the last few weeks it seems all we read or hear about in travel is how the price of fuel is going to curtail long distance travel.

It must be correct one would first surmise as we watch airline after airline cut services and routes. But how serious is the crunch. The airlines have not really waited to see how we consumers will respond. Well at least some of them have. Southwest in the USA is adding routes. So is our own Westjet. Virgin Airways say they are doing just fine thanks.

Tour Operators are fearful but confident. And why shouldn’t they be. Prices have not only held but dropped in a number of instances. When we are freezing our buns off in January are we really going to say no to the extra cost of fuel?

I will turn down the heat in my home to save some of those costs and transfer them to the earliest and fastest possible escape to a sun destination. On my flight I may continue to read about the cutbacks and the forecasts but those of us on the flight will order a drink, likely at some increased cost, pay for a less than satisfying meal or snack, and make ready for a week of heat that comes to me free courtesy of Mother Nature.

It seems to me that Canadians will not be forced to freeze in the dark because of doom and gloom media coverage.