Meanwhile back in Palm Springs proper.

Indio really is a nice city in which to stay during a vacation, particularly at the Palm Gardens gated community, in a house rented right on the golf course, and so well kept by the owners that it is pleasure to come back to every evening. But my first visit here... read more

Yesterday we spent horsing around.

Other than for the Winnipeg shopping centre that was once, and still bears the name of Polo Park, I have never been on Polo Grounds. And I knew nothing about how a Polo match was played other than they carried long funny sticks, rode horses while trying to hit a small... read more

I should quit drinking red wine, maybe.

Lots of people own homes in places like Palm Springs, Phoenix, and other US winter havens and get used to living life in a similar manner as they do at home. For us, this is the first time we have rented a full home for a seasonal escape, even though it is only for a... read more

Gabor Lukacs, Hero or Bum?

A few years ago Dr. Gabor Lukacs was a math professor at the University of Manitoba. It never became really clear whether he left on his own volition or was pushed with a settlement of some kind. It seemed, at least, he was a thorn in the side of University management... read more

Old Town La Quinta, Ca…A Very Nice Visit.

It was a beautiful day in the neighbourhood so we decided it was time to explore the areas around us. Golf fans will know that last week’s PGA tournament took place in nearby La Quinta. But for us the goal was not about golf but to go and take a look at the well... read more

Dreaming of the big one.

As taken from my January 23 cover story in the Winnipeg Free Press travel section. While the only fishing many may be thinking about at this time of the year is through about 3 feet of ice, in fact, it is the time when the many fly-in lodges of Northern Manitoba are... read more

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